This page was developed by R. I write mainly about philosophy and politics but cover a range of topics. I also post poetry and commentary on my social media. All inquiries can be directed to:

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  1. Thanks for choosing a bunch of interesting people to like. It expands the opportunity for me to check out other writers I might be interested in reading. Now, on to your site (and from the Comments here, I’m in for a treat! Can’t wait!)…


  2. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would be glad to immerse myself in the fields you are in through your writings. 🙂


  3. Hey, nice to meet you, I’m Idealier and I just thought it wise to come and thank you for liking my post. I really appreciate it and it breatly encourages me so thank you so much.
    Have a nice weekend and good luck with all future plans. Take great care of yourself.


  4. Hi, Jordan!

    Thanks for liking my most recent blog post; I feel flattered!

    All best wishes for your continuing online authorship and success,

    Jay Pochapin
    Just Some Guy Walking Down the Road


  5. I like you. I wish print journalism paid in the US and had less political editorial policies by the multinational corporations that own them because you would be a fucking awesome journalist. I’m actually bummed out right now that we don’t have that for you. You deserve better.


      • You write like a writer, Which is the most important. I never thought I would ever be involved with journalism coming from a spoken word and poetry/art/ whatever I wanted zine background. I didn’t even know they were called zines LOL, i didn’t know anyone else did them. Back then everybody had “chapbooks” because all of my friends were a lot older. And I had a literary agent very early on . One in New York City and one in Toronto a few years later. They don’t do anything. But I was always writing and had at least one notebook every month filled with just diaries since I was 12 . It never occurred to me to ever look into journalism because it seemed boring. I joke that I became a professional writer to support my artist habit. But that was what happened. I just happened to have had a “interesting life” by the time I was 21 which I was encouraged to write about and then an agent found it. That seemed fortuitous. And by that time I had people writing me about my zine which would include interviews with my friends vaginas before the vagina monologues I guess those were the vagina dialogs. Or about hopping freight trains. Sometimes I would interview bands but then everybody knew each other. I saw a magazine that wanted rock journalists and I submitted something and they did not pay but I ended up living in the office for free while I was working dead end nonprofit jobs, MTV saw the website for that magazine where I did a lot of “editorials” which were basically me critiquing how stupid the entire music scene was. Not even the industry, just in general . The zine that people love was my very cynical guide to dating in the subculture written 21 , taken on the road at 23 and then the editorial at 25 which went on MTV probably because there wasn’t a lot of online back then LOL. revamp it again and sell it to a national newspaper trying at that time to be “edgy” and I had my first cover to the life section of a major newspaper. All of those years as a rock journalist made me hate music unfortunately which would happen when I move to Seattle and work at the comics Journal and then comic books really sucked so I do not suggest ever working around anything you love. But by the time I was 27 I just thought I would send out some emails to editors with ideas for stories and it turned out that the largest newspaper in Canada emailed back saying my own story was a lot more interesting than my ideas and I got a column. It was just basically my life. So I wrote about people I’ve met in places I had been and all of them were very much underground and being American but also not being raised really American because of having a British father ( a whole other story) off the grid with hippies and then the street punk traveling thing into all of the nonprofit work – I just had access to stuff journalists didn’t. Journalism wasn’t any different than sitting around with people telling stories about your life or people you met. Basically all you do is meet people and listen to their stories. Or you go places and write about your own experience. It is storytelling. If you can tell a good story about things that really happened and make it really vibrant and then you can be a journalist. Because that industry wants voices. They also had copy editors for people who cannot spell like me LOL. but it was the easiest job I’ve ever had and at one point I was the highest-paid journalist in Canada freelance. If you write really fast and can process information really quickly in two hours you could make $500. Well, first you would have to go to some interesting event or interview some interesting people like your boyfriends friends band or your best friends project about building bicycles to send to Cuba . And then just write good story, without being aware of what other people think. That was kind of the key LOL. not knowing what people would normally write about freed up an entire niche just for me. If you happen to have strong opinions with a sense of humor you can basically get paid to write satire professionally. And that was I guess what I did. And any causes that are close to you you can elegantly explain why they should matter to everybody . One of the beauties of freelance writing is you can write the same story twice for very different audiences because it takes a different voice and a level of empathy to understand we are all alike but we hear words in different ways. And that is the real trick to freelance journalism – being able to write in ways that use words for different audiences while telling the same story . It’s still the truth it’s just the truth written in a way that starts with Commonground or with shock. But you can’t really go for that you have to you just accidentally not know what is going on is shocking to people. “How being clueless help me as a journalist” that is not the sort of article by the way newspapers whatever but LOL! You never change the truth you just change how you connect to the reader and that’s just the same as sitting around telling stories . I think that all it takes is loving to read to be a writer. Donald Woods on my 23rd birthday , no 22nd in London said to me ” you are so lucky because there are so many books you haven’t read yet.” So the more that you read the better a writer and journalist you become.

        Since I was always writing anyway it was natural to gather all of my thoughts like that although when your fingertips twitch like you are typing every time you think of something maybe time to take a break. 🙂 Or when you can actually see the words being typed out in your head again maybe time to take a break 🙂 but just organizing a few thoughts on a piece of paper and then when trying to fall asleep scribbling out whatever I could see typed in my head and feel my fingertips doing then would let me finally sleep and around 3 AM I would wake up and take that piece of paper and quickly type it out into a story and go back to bed and then later that day move some things for grammar and email it away . Two weeks later a check comes. It’s the perfect ADHD job! Literally actually. That and firefighter. Nothing ever is repeated

        But I was right place right time right person because a new print newspaper showed up on the scene in Canada and threw everything into chaos. This was perfect because they wanted something different – everybody wanted something different and I was different. So all of those crappy thing weird jobs for horrible people suddenly became edgy real life humorous behind the scenes understandings of exploitation firsthand. I literally just write about all of those terrible jobs like being a one 900 psychic or a nanny to the most crazy woman I’ve ever met who it turned out happens to be someone that all of the media was writing about although I didn’t really course and for some reason when all of the paperwork came for me to take the job the paper for not ever speaking about working for her publicly was not in my packet. And she was horrible and the public should know that considering how much wealth and influence she had and the fact that somebody was on the inside for two months, we couldn’t use any names and I honestly had no idea that there were journalists parked across the street watching the house – again ignorance is helpful in journalism you just have to have the right kind of ignorance – meant that I didn’t have any idea of any dangers so I told the truth , the same stories I told People when I came home from hating my job. Then an editor called me and said do not talk to anybody , her lawyers are coming after us and that was when I realized how much power we really have as writers because I think that is actually the second thing I ever sold to a major news source. It wasn’t gossip as much as it was social commentary about what it’s really like behind-the-scenes of a very wealthy businesswoman who is notorious .

        But Canada appreciates a wider diversity of voices and also had several competing national newspapers with a population of 33 million . In the United States there’s just nothing like that. And once blogging comes along there’s really no pay for writing. It doesn’t matter if you are good. It doesn’t matter if you are breaking stories no one’s ever heard about when information is free (only in certain circumstances) and if you are more concerned about telling the truth than making money, you are just not going to find a media outlet where they pay. However you can find a lot of that are very grateful. There was actually a time when much of my income came from online writing. I doubt they even have the online writers guide. Today so many of those free weekly newspapers cities had are just online. Even if you write a book 20 years ago I was told to expect $1000. It’s all about promotion . But at least I would’ve had a copy editor. Now I could self publish the book at my own expense without a copy editor but that’s a lot of work when you are really sick and also it may have made me someone with a lot of street credibility but I don’t think it changed the world any although a lot of people cried. The man that I married when he read it before we were married punched a wall in outrage. And when doing spoken word with it women would cry .

        I guess it’s about priorities. Not dying seems to be my top one right now.

        But the thing is you are a good writer and you also have information. Plus you show considerable restraint that comes through in your writing . There’s obviously emotions that drive you to write what you write and you don’t necessarily let those cloud the facts, but it’s obvious to me that it is the facts that make you emotionally engaged enough to be a captivating writer. And then you care enough to think about how to show what it is that brought those emotions on with logic.

        Emotional (com)passion coupled with logic is unbeatable. Put it in the mind of a storyteller who is engaging and you have a really good journalist. Because you only write about what you care about. You are not a shill.

        And even though you might be an introvert it would be very easy to seek you out for conversation . I’m not sure if in person you are an observer on the edge or if you are at the center of talking but I’m going to guess you are more of the observer even when you are talking. Those are the people to go to at a party because they’re obviously thinking about something more interesting than the party 🙂

        This is rambling but it’s just an example of how you can end up working doing something that actually lets you keep your integrity and your voice and pay the bills if you just happen to be in the right place at the right time being the right person . I mean, saying that I was William Burroughs librarian probably made Canadian editors much more interested in me just because that is a thing that people know about in Canada. So that gets my foot in the door but it’s the writing that gave me my paycheck. So basically more experiences you have the more you have to write about .

        Which leads me to ask you what kind of writer you are? Aside from being an alcoholic LOL. sorry, that was in my subcultured dating guide when I was 21. Underwriter it just said “see alcoholic”. If you say that you are a playwright I will be incredibly impressed. Just because nobody is a playwright anymore.

        And leaving Oregon for Tennessee to be a writer is actually something that makes a lot of sense to me because it is hard to be a writer when you are living where you already have a fixed opinion. I think it’s important to see from a different perspective. Since everybody writes what they know the more you know the more universal it becomes.

        I actually love theater and unfortunately I cannot go but there’s something about living people right in front of me filled with passion that I actually have had to have somebody hold my armso I didn’t try to run onstage because it is so real. Henrik ibson’s an enemy of the people is my favorite.

        A funny story is that the newspaper where I decided I might as well become staff reporter (big mistake, ADHD does not respond well to a giant room of bringing telephones and florescent lights) is where Hemingway started out and they had to fire him because it turned out all of his really interesting stories were total fiction LOL!

        I wonder how much of his real-life interesting stories were total fiction.

        The only advice I can tell anybody who is interested in the arts enough to dedicate their lives to doing one is to not get a job where they pay you. Do not follow your bliss!

        Because that’s where – sorry my dictation sucks – how you get people in Los Angeles wanting to kill themselves. 🙂 Sitting with successful television writers at a party who all wished that they had stayed in New York City and drove a taxi cab instead because all of their creativity was dead was quite a warning. Being in Tennessee which is pretty cool and also those cities are being listed as really affordable . I always liked my time there. Anyway I have really bad insomnia from Lyme disease and also having to take injections of B12 to try to get the malaria parasites to get out of my body know that they’re dead so I’m sleep deprived but kind of hyper LOL. and you were the first thing I saw.

        But you still look like somebody who I would approach at a party. Whoever took your photograph by the way is really extremely talented. I know that there are a lot of women who do photography and then say “yes, I’m another girl who takes pictures.” In a sort of self negating way as an artist , but whoever took it did a really good job . You look like you should be releasing an album except you would need to have something in the background that would let us know what the music was. Unfortunately you look too healthy to look like a writer LOL!!! Anyway good luck and it would be interesting to know what you actually are writing for real . I’m always bored or else doing a lot or else unconscious but basically when you live in one room all of the time without visitors and you need to keep your mind off of your dire medical conditions reading other people’s work is really interesting . So what do you actually right? If this is not what you are a writer about what do you write?

        Oh, I’m forgetting this is not a party . . It’s the Internet. And you have like a whole bunch of people liking what you do . Although I never really sure about the whole followers thing because I’m too sick to follow people and there are a lot of blogs that have no reason to be interested in me as far as I can tell that follow me for a while I think expecting me to follow them back just to have numbers . And I don’t really understand that yet even though I’ve been writing online blogging for a long time. I don’t understand the whole ” I will follow you if you follow me” thing because it doesn’t mean anyone is actually reading anything and they can just scroll through their reader and hit like a bunch of time so other people will do the same back t hus it has absolutely no relevance or meaning. The fact that you actually have time with so many followers and some the following to actually read something I wrate and like it actually makes me think you must be a real writer. You are alone trying to get ideas and everybody else is at work and you don’t have enough money to go out 🙂 well whatever it is thank you for reading even though I’m not well enough to follow people because my time and energy are really really limited . But thank you for saying the things that you say the way that you say them on your blog because you do it really well. And there was a time where this would have made you some money. The Internet is tricky because how do you separate what is useful and what is drivial. My own word .

        Also because you are such a good writer I have to ask the question – who do you read? Like for fun. I don’t normally ask any questions like this to anyone on their blog but like I said you are a really good writer .

        If it wasn’t for the passion that makes you take the truth you would just be another blogger. Okay, now that I have written your press release statement maybe I should try to go to sleep again 🙂

        Kudos again to the photographer. You look like so many of my friends in Toronto 15 years ago I guess that’s why I think I would meet you at a party .


  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and the “Like”. I viewed your blog as well…its unhonest and most of all you express your own true self….I appreciate you sharing…you have a follower!


  7. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by and liking a post on my blog 🙂 I decided to check your blog out in return, and your writing is so thoughtful and profound. I admit I’m not very well-versed in politics or philosophy, but the views you express on those subjects are very well-phrased and powerful nonetheless. Wishing you further success in your writing in the New Year!


  8. Thanks for the like. I am attempting to reach fresher college students with my headsup ebook about falling prey to gang culture. Called ‘What If I Go?’ by Solstice Publishing, it’s out at the end of the month. I attempted this empowering stuff for new adults because there is a need and I made it hopeful, so the perpetrators of controlling behaviour don’t win! Hey, we all make mistakes. Any suggestions/promo ops would be gratefully recieved.
    Ta everso!


  9. Hi, thanks for reading my blog. I really enjoy browsing yours too. Just curious: how did you happen to get interested in philosophy, traditions of non duality etc? Cheers, hope to have blog conversations occasionally!


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