This page was developed by R. I write mainly about philosophy and politics but cover a range of topics. I also post poetry and commentary on my social media. All inquiries can be directed to:

Email: r.rogers.writing@gmail.com

Twitter: @FairWriting

Insta: tobefairwriting

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  1. Thanks for dropping by Jordan and liking my latest post. You may like to know I’ve just been advised that JE foresaw no stock market crashes at present. Have added another footnote connecting into his full comments on Rosh Hashanah.


  2. Interesting blog you have and definite new follower! Even more excited since you liked my recent post on writing and happiness! Thanks for stopping by.
    And for the direct question: How on earth do you have so many followers?? Wonderful!


  3. Appreciate your “Likes” and your unbiased approach to opinion and editorial. It is the signature of a true writer and journalist. Good work and good luck as you grow into your talent and craft.


  4. Thanks for the like, but upon viewing your profile picture I am concerned you MIGHT be my twin separated from me at birth. Or maybe some bizarro-world writer version of me. Or one of us is a doppelganger and the other is about to die. I dunno.

    I realize I’ve made this whole thing terribly awkward, but I had to get that off my chest.

    Looking forward to your next posts.

    Perrigore Doyle

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  5. I don’t know how you are ‘Liking’ my posts without appearing on the stats page, oh spooky one (for everyone else, the blog is a week old and he’s the only one liking it so far…) but thank you for happening by. I can imagine that the UK-centric slant makes no sense at all in Memphis but there again, Memphis makes no sense to me. 😉

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  6. Thank you for liking my blog about “insults.” We all need to learn some fun insults! I think views should be unorthodox. Don’t ever fall into the trap of writing “what you should write” as opposed to writing what you feel like. Good luck for your writing career.


  7. Thanks for liking my post Jordan. I’m from Australia and we are a secular nation. The separation of Church and State is of prime importance for a democratic society such as ours (and yours) to be successful. One of the few continuous democracies in the world, Australia’s never had a war on it’s soil – the freedom to worship and associate is one of the many reasons for this. All the best, and thanks again. Owen.


  8. Thanks for the support! I just joined WordPress and just starting venting/ranting here, and you’re the first person to acknowledge my existence here in such a concrete way (us Noobs always look for a pat on the back from the big guys). I read your essay on the Importance of Philosophy in schooling! You have no idea how much I want to print your work and drop it en mass over education
    policy-makers’ meeting rooms over here. Youngsters are not introduced to the concepts of critical thinking in any way in schools in Ontario, Canada either. And it shows later on. Keep up the great work.

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  9. You liked, and maybe even read, one of my posts. You certainly won’t continue to do the former (by design), but I commend you on the latter.
    And now to the worst vice – advice: To be a better writer, be a better reader, and vice-versa. And as Saint Augustine to Saint Ambrose, and Plato to Isocrates, said, “Words are not enough.”


  10. Well thank you for stopping my blog. I am enjoying reading and exploring yours. Keep writing! 🙂
    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon


  11. Thank you so much for liking my poem Don’t Leave Me Yesterday. I had to reach back through a whole BUNCH of yesterdays to get back to when this was where I was at the time.

    Brent Kincaid, WordMusic.


  12. I don’t know how you found my blog – considering that my first post was published less than a week ago – but I appreciate it! Your writing is gorgeous and thought-provoking, keep it up!


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